All about Woop and the Woop Buddy!


Woop – Making Insurance Fair!

Woop Insurance was started with the aim of making car insurance fairer and more affordable for new and young drivers, but that doesn't mean that only they can benefit from what Woop has to offer. 

If you're new to driving, whatever your age, you'll likely have a pretty expensive premium to pay, this is because most insurers make the assumption that a new driver is a bad driver, and charges you accordingly. With a Woop policy, we let you prove that you're a good and safe driver. We do this by installing a Woop Buddy telematics device into your car - or by sending you one to install yourself. We won't change your premium each month like some telematics insurers do, but if you drive well, you'll get a renewal premium that you'll struggle to beat.

And if you're a more experienced driver with a couple of year No Claims Discount to your name, thinking, why should I get a telematics policy? Well here a few reasons why Woop can be a great choice even for drivers with more expeirence:

So with all those benefits, we think that Woop cover gives you peace of mind and real value - which is what insurance should do!

What is the Woop Buddy?

The Woop Buddy is a telematics (black Box) device, that provides us with information on how you drive, measuring speed, braking, cornering and acceleration. We then assign a value to each of these, and score your driving out of 100, the higher your score the cheaper we'll be able to make your renewal premium.

The driver score and all the information on your driving that we collect is available for you to see on your driver portal account - which you can log into HERE.

Crash Alert Notifications

The Woop Buddy is a smart piece of kit, if it detects movements that it thinks could have come from an accident, it will will send us a notification. This means that we can immediately contact you to make sure that you are OK, and if we need to take action we can start to managing your claim straightaway.

Provided we can talk to you within 24 hours of an incident taking place, we can reduce the standard excess of £750 by 50%, so not only can we help you quicker, you'll also save money. We operate a 24/7 claims team, so you'll always be able to notify us of an incident, or get help when you need it most.

Installing your Woop Buddy

Depending on your car, the Woop Buddy will either be sent you to install yourself or it will have to be professionally installed.

If your Woop Buddy is being sent you, then you can view our installation guide HERE. If your Woop Buddy is being installed by our professional installation partner, they'll be in contact with you to make the arrangements.

The Woop Buddy needs to be installed in your car within 14 days of your policy starting, if you need any assistance or are having any issues with the installation, then please contact our Customer Services Team for help.

Woop Buddy Installation FAQs

If your Woop Buddy is being professionally installed, you'll be contacted within 48 hours of taking out your policy. If your box is being sent to you, then won't be contacted unless we fail to see the box start providing data within the 14 day period.
You will receive a text message after you take out the policy, which will include contact information for the Woop Buddy installation network, if you wanted to contact them yourself.
The Woop Buddy should be installed within 14 days of the policy being purchased. If this is not going to be possible, you must contact us to make alternative arrangements. Please be aware that if we cannot install the Woop Buddy in the first 14 days of your policy, and we do not hear from you to make alternate arrangements, you may invalidate your insurance policy or we may have to cancel the policy and this could also incur additional charges.
You will receive a text message and an email to confirm activation.
Generally, within 48 hours of the Woop Buddy being activated.
Driving data is available after approximately 70 miles of driving.
Yes, however it must be installed within 14 days of the policy being purchased.
The professional installation will take roughly 30 minutes.

If you're being sent your box, it shouldn't take long and there is a guide to assist you with the installation of your Woop Buddy.
No, upon cancellation of your policy, the Woop Buddy will automatically be remotely disabled, which will ensure that no further data will be transmitted.

What do I do if I still have questions?

You can contact us on 0333 999 2809 (opening hours Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm) or email us at